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Independent Baptist Friends

Missouri Springfield, MO


State Missouri
City Springfield
Latitude/Longitude 37.2, -93.29
Land Area 73 mi2

Population 430,900

Bordering Cities
Nixa, Ozark, Joplin

Greene County

* Statistics by Wolfram|Alpha. "Christianity" is used in the statistical sense and includes Catholics, Protestants, and true Christians.

Listings Near Springfield, MO

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Missouri is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States, bordered by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. With a 2009 population of 5,987,580, Missouri is the eighteenth most populous state in the nation and the fifth most populous in the Midwest. It comprises 114 counties and one independent city. Missouri's capital is Jefferson City. The four largest urban areas are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. Missouri was originally acquired from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase and became defined as the Missouri Territory. Part of the Missouri Territory was admitted into the union as the twenty-fourth state on August 10, 1821.

Missouri mirrors the demographic, economic and political makeup of the nation (in general) with a mix of urban and rural culture. It has long been considered a political bellwether state. With the exceptions of 1956 and 2008, Missouri's results in U.S. presidential elections have accurately predicted the next President of the United States in every election since 1904. It has both Midwestern and Southern cultural influences, reflecting its history as a border state. It is also a transition between the Eastern and Western United States, as St. Louis is often called the "western-most Eastern city" and Kansas City the "eastern-most Western city." Missouri's geography is highly varied. The northern part of the state lies in dissected till plains while the southern part lies in the Ozark Mountains (a dissected plateau), with the Missouri River dividing the two. The confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers is located near St. Louis. The starting points of the Pony Express Trail and Oregon Trail were both in Missouri. The mean center of United States population is currently in Missouri.

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Aurora Baptist Temple

Nathan Burch
1111 S. Elliott
Aurora, MO 65605
(417) 678-5144


Baptist Bible Fellowship

Ron Reasoner
P.O. Box 191
Springfield, MO 65801


Baptist Temple

Mark Rounsaville
2655 N. Grant Ave.
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 831-2631


Bellview Baptist Church

Hunter Sherman
5105 N Farm Road 169
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 833-2748


Berean Baptist Church

Melvin W. Williams
600 N. Old Orchard P.O. Box 132
Strafford, MO 65757
(417) 736-3096


Berean Baptist Church

Shane Hughes
600 N Old Orchard Dr
Strafford, Greene 65757
(417) 736-3096


Berean Baptist Church

Jeff Ables
507 E. Norton Rd.
Springfield, USA 65803
(417) 833-1529


Bible Baptist Church

Don Ivie
Rt 1 Box 275 405 N. Crestview Ave.
Ash Grove, MO 65604
(417) 751-2724


Bible Baptist Church

209 S. St.
Crane, MO 65633
(417) 723-5464

Bible Baptist Church

Larry Hargus
2631 S. McCann Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 889-2628

Bread Of Life Baptist Fellowship

Timothy E. Kusz
210 S. Crittenden St
Marshfield, MO 65706

Bristol Baptist Ministries

Donald F. McClure
4730 N. State Hwy UU
Ash Grove, MO 65604

Brown Ave Baptist Church

Ralph Noble
805 N Brown Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 865-5429

Brown Avenue Baptist Church

Ralph Noble
805 N. Brown Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 865-5429

Cherry Street Baptist Church

Dennis Jennings
1201 S. Oak Grove Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 889-1999

Christian Schools of Springfield

Mary Lou VanderStrasse
2660 N. Grant
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 831-1501

Crosspoint Independent Baptist Ch...

David K. Lallathin
4295 North Willard Rd
Springfield, MO 65801
(417) 742-4303

Dale Street Baptist Church

Richard Mouery
1311 E. Valley Water Mill Rd.
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 869-6643

Daniel Elliott

Daniel Elliott
8366 W State HWY 266
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 429-0362

Fair Grove Baptist Temple

532 S Orchard Blvd
Fair Grove, MO 65648
(417) 759-9092

Friendship General Baptist Church

David Lallathin
PO Box 1645
Springfield, MO 65801

Grace Baptist Church

Charles L. Perkins
Hwy 176 One Mile East Of Galena Mail: P.O. Box 331
Galena, MO 65656
(417) 661-1201

Grace Baptist Church

Marcus J. Schrader
1521 E. 24th Street
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 833-5502

Grace Bible Baptist Church

Dennis W. Norwood
2101 N Johnston Ave P.O. Box 7007
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 869-8226

Graceway Baptist Church

Robert Stephenson
5010 S Farm Road 135
Springfield, MO 65810
(417) 887-0212

Graceway Baptist Church

Robert Stephenson
5010 S FR. 135
Springfield, MO 65810
(417) 887-0212

Grandview Baptist Church

Gary Longstaff
3504 E. St Hwy AA
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 833-3620

High Street Baptist Church

Eddie Lyons
900 N. Eastgate Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802
(178) 662-5502

Hillside Baptist Church

Cecil Tolbert
8366 W State Hwy
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 865-7286

Immanuel Baptist Church

Nathan Beal
135 Jones Rd.
Nixa, MO 65714
(417) 724-0966

Impact Baptist Church

Michael K. Duff
5601 S. Campbell Ave Ste 109
Springfield, MO 65801
(417) 429-1192

Lynn Street Baptist Church

1351 N. Marion
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 865-8324

Meador Park Baptist Church

Rev. Keith Sampson
2631 S McCann Ave
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 889-2628

Meadowview Baptist Church

Jason Gaddis
1100 W Hwy 174
Republic, MO 65738

Meadowview Baptist Church

Joshua Mathews
1100 W Hwy 174
Republic, MO 65738
(417) 732-6560

Missionary to Greece

Gieorge and Susan Dimakas
P.O. Box 191
Springfield, MO 65802
(412) 223-2565

Missionary to Mexico

Charles Strong
Springfield, MO 65801

Missionary to Mongolia

Daniel Elliot
8366 W State Hwy 266
Springfield, MO 65802
(761) 145-8361

Mound Fundamental Baptist

Fred Goodall
HC 69 Box 78
Oldfield, MO 65720
(417) 683-5860

New Life Baptist Church

414 New Melville Rd P.O. Box 111
Willard, MO 65781
(417) 742-3951

New Life Baptist Church

Dean Flanner
414 New Melville Rd.
Willard, MO 65781
(417) 742-3951

Noble Hill Baptist Church

James T. Sewell
3285 W. FR. 36
Willard, MO 65781
(417) 742-5227

Park Crest Baptist Church

Phillip Housley
816 W. Republic Rd.
Springfield, MO 65807
(417) 883-1676

Pleasant View Baptist Church

George Pettey
13345 W. St Hwy TT
Republic, MO 65738
(417) 732-8326

Rose Hill Baptist Church

Bob Sharp
9903 N. State Hwy Z
Willard, MO 65781
(417) 742-3756

Seminole Baptist Temple

Don Baier
4221 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65810
(417) 881-4200

Sonrise Baptist Church

Kevin N. Carson
1701 S. Sixth Ave.
Ozark, MO 65721
(417) 894-4194

South Campbell Avenue Baptist Church

Joe Decker Jr.
935 S. Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 862-8471

South Side Baptist Church

James Adams
465 S. Grant Ave.
Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 869-5496

Temple Fundamental Baptist Church

Bob Jacobs
2536 W Lincoln St
Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 866-8017

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