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Questions and Answers

"And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine..." Acts 2:42

Q: Is this a new fellowship?

A: No, this is not a new fellowship. For our use, the term fellowship should be a verb and not a noun - meaning fellowship is what we do, not what we are. Independent Baptist Friends International is designed to acquaint Independent Baptist people with the vast work of Independent Baptist churches worldwide. It is a gathering of friends and is intended to encourage world evangelism through local churches.

Q: Is this something churches join?

A: No, local churches should not join anything. The loyalty of the local church must always remain solely to the Lord Jesus Christ. He and He alone is the only head of the local assembly. Independent Baptist Friends International provides Independent Baptist people an opportunity to get better acquainted, increase their burden and enlarge their vision for world evangelism. Specific needs from around the world are brought to the attention of Independent Baptist Friends internationally.

Q: Why register with Independent Baptist Friends International?

A: Independent Baptist pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Christian school teachers and many others from Independent Baptist churches may add their names to a listing of Independent Baptist Friends International. There is a charge to register so that the cost of providing this listing of thousands of friends can be covered. The website requires constant updating which is a considerable task.

Q: Why are churches listed?

A: Churches are listed worldwide to provide inquiring people with the specific information about local Independent Baptist churches in their part of the world and from this to determine where other churches need to be started.

Q: Why are there listings other than local churches?

A: Christians should declare their absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. At the same time the Lord uses His people to develop many helpful resources and those resources, once known, may be used by those who desire to use them in the work of world evangelism.

Q: Why is there a Baptist heritage section on the website?

A: Christians need to have a Biblical basis for what they believe. Independent Baptist people have the greatest heritage in all the world. This heritage section can be a tremendous tool to help present-day believers understand what Baptist people believe and why they believe it. If it's Baptist, it's Bible; if it's Bible, it's Baptist.

Q: Is there a President or Chairman of Independent Baptist Friends International?

A: No, many people can speak to Independent Baptists, but no one speaks for them. Though an Independent Baptist church is pastor-led, a Baptist church has no head but Christ, no loyalty but to Him, and no authority for faith and practice but the Word of God. It is the joy and privilege of the Temple Baptist Church to host the annual meeting, and it is our sincere desire to promote Truth, Friendship, and World Evangelism through local churches worldwide.

Q: What is known about churches and ministries listed on this website?

A: The only thing that is known is the fact they exist. Whether or not one would choose to be a part of a particular church or use one of these ministries is entirely up to that individual. This listing is not an endorsement of churches and ministries listed.

Q: What about those who disagree with Independent Baptist Friends International?

A: Some people disagree because they do not understand this is a tool that they can use to make others aware of the message of Christ and aware of a church that is preaching His message. Whatever the reason, we trust that no one will lift his voice against the critics. This is not an attempt to start a fight. It is an effort to promote Truth, Friendship and World Evangelism.

Q: Is this "outside the box"?

A. No, we trust this is something that is entirely "inside the Bible." We are convinced that our position is synonymous with Biblical Christianity.

"...unto the furtherance of the gospel;" Philippians 1:12

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