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Foundations of Christian Life Certificate Program

The Crown College of the Bible now offers a one-year program of intensive training providing a foundation for living the Christian life. The student will be prepared to understand and effectively apply the Word of God to his life. This program will help equip the student for a lifetime of fruitful Christian service in any subsequent education or field of employment into which God may lead him.

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What is the purpose of this program?

This one-year program is designed to prepare students with a biblical foundation for whatever the Lord has called them to do.

  • Gain a thorough working knowledge of the Scriptures.
  • Learn how to study the Bible and how to teach the Bible to others.
  • Develop a systematic understanding of biblical creation.
  • Grow in your spiritual life through Christ-centered classes and chapel services.

Who is this program for?

  • College students preparing to study at a secular college or university
  • Deacons and Sunday School Teachers
  • Every Christian who wants to be a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What will this program enable me to do?

  • Understand the Bible as a whole
  • Study and teach the Bible to others
  • Continue our rich Christian heritage
  • Witness to others of your faith in Jesus Christ
  • Engage personally in World Evangelism
  • Live the Christian life

Program of Study

BI 101 Old Testament Survey 3      CM 132 Living the Christian Life 2
BI 102 New Testament Survey 3   BI 204 Hermeneutics 2
BI 120 Bible Geography 2   BI 212 Bible Doctrine II 3
BI 203 Methods of Bible Teaching 2   BI 211 Bible Doctrine I 3
CM 121 Personal Evangelism 2   SC 401 Creation Science 3
MI 101 Introduction to Missions 2   OR 100 Freshman Orientation 1
HI 491 Baptist History and Distinctives 3        

* While this program cannot yet be completed entirely online, courses are currently available for students to begin pursuing it.