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Highlights Baptist Friends 2011

Day One: Highlights from Sunday

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"What a wonderful theme to gather around. What a wonderful purpose to have in this day in which we live in. We need friends, and we need to hold to the truth. And our mission is world evangelism." -John Reynolds


Day Two: Highlights from Monday

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"I think it is a great meeting. Dr. Sexton, you are doing a wonderful job, and I really believe in my heart that God has raised you up to lead a meeting like this and a movement like this. I trust God will bless you. You have our prayers and our support." -Lou Baldwin


Day Three: Highlights from Wednesday

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"This meeting has a different spirit. I sense the spirit of Christ and the desire to reach the world with the word of God... I thank God for this meeting. It has been a great blessing." -Luis Ramos


Day Four: Highlights from Thursday

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"We have by command of God the promise of His power if we will but ask and be willing to go and do what He asks us to do... we can change this world by the power of God... By God's grace may the burden increase." -David Gibbs


Day Five: Highlights from Friday

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"I appreciate the emphasis on the truth: how we are anchored in the truth of God's word and how we can work together to get the Gospel out... This church family God has used wondrously this week for me and my church family back home." -Tim Cruse