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Highlights this Year's Meeting

Mark your calendars and bring a friend to next year's meeting - April 14-19, 2013.

Day One: Highlights from Sunday

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"What a delight to be here for the Baptist Friends conference... I thank God for the leadership he has given the people here and for calling us together around this idea of Truth, Friendship, and World Evangelism." - John Reynolds


Day Two: Highlights from Monday

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"I praise the Lord that God has given us a meeting like this. Particularly for guys from my generation are able to see something coming together with the Truth, Friendship, and World Evangelism. For me this is a great opportunity to show the Love Jesus Christ to the world around us." - Shane Lewis


Day Three: Highlights from Tuesday

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"The real burden that we have is that we leave something for the next generation." - Clarence Sexton


Day Four: Highlights from Wednesday

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"There is such an amazing spirit and such a camaraderie among God's people here... I encourage you if you ever get a chance to come... It's God's people wanting to do God's work God's way." - David Gibbs


Day Five: Highlights from Thursday

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"There truly is a spirit of friendship here. [There is] so much that we can accomplish together, and we get together and talk about it - encourage one another, fellowship and network. It really is a meeting that can produce great things for God." - Mike Edwards