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New York

New York

Independent Baptist Friends

State of New York State of New York

State of New York

Capitol Albany, NY
Land Area 47,200 mi2


  • Total 19,380,000
  • Growth % per year
  • Children 22.6%
  • Adult 64%
  • Elderly 13.4%

Bordering States
Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

* Statistics by Wolfram|Alpha. "Christianity" is used in the statistical sense and includes Catholics, Protestants, and true Christians.

Listed in New York

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New York is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States. It is the nation's third most populous state. New York is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south, and by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont to the east. The state has a maritime border with Rhode Island east of Long Island, as well as an international border with the Canadian provinces of Ontario to the north and west, and Quebec to the north. New York is often referred to as New York State to distinguish it from New York City.

New York City, with a population of over 19,000,000 people, is the most populous city in the United States. It is known for its status as a financial, cultural, transportation, and manufacturing center, and for its history as a gateway for immigration to the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, it is also a destination of choice for many foreign visitors. Both state and city were named for the 17th century Duke of York, James Stuart, future James II and VII of England and Scotland.

New York was inhabited by the Algonquian, Iroquois, and Lenape Native American groups at the time Dutch settlers moved into the region in the early 17th century. In 1609, the region was first claimed by Henry Hudson for the Dutch. Fort Nassau was built near the site of the present-day capital of Albany in 1614. The Dutch soon also settled New Amsterdam and parts of the Hudson River Valley, establishing the colony of New Netherlands. The British took over the colony by annexation in 1664.

The borders of the British colony, the Province of New York, were roughly similar to those of the present-day state. About one third of all the battles of the Revolutionary War took place in New York. New York became an independent state on July 9, 1776, and enacted its constitution in 1777. The state ratified the United States Constitution on July 26, 1788 to become the eleventh state of the union.

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Calvary Bible Baptist Church

Drew Stewart
746 Norton St.
Rochester, NY 14621
(585) 338-2430


Charity Bible Baptist Church

Timothy Ford
2213 Westside Dr
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 721-3591


Chili Bible Baptist Church

Hal Roscoe
224 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 227-6088


Delevan Baptist Church

Grant Appell
PO Box 335
Delevan, NY 14042
(716) 492-2880


East Baptist Church

Joshua Cohen
PO Box 341
Henrietta, NY 14467
(585) 334-1894


Emmanuel Baptist Church

Jonathan Stitzel
412 Hamlin-clarkson Townline Road
Hamlin, NY 14464
(585) 964-7370


Faith Bible Baptist Church

Mark Dugger
3064 N Gravel Rd
Medina, NY 14103
(716) 798-5102


Faith Bible Baptist Church

Rich Damney
3064 North Gravel Road
Medina, NY 14103
(585) 798-5102


First Baptist Church

Philip A. Green
10956 S. Lake Rd
Pavilion, NY 14525
(585) 584-3179

First Bible Baptist Church

George Grace
990 Manitou Road
Hilton, NY 14468
(585) 392-0777

First Day Baptist Church

Larry Allen
PO Box 242
Richburg, NY 14774
(585) 928-2300

Friendship Bible Baptist Church

Samuel Frustochi
124 Railroad Ave.
Hilton, NY 14468
(717) 352-1381

Friendship Bible Baptist Church

Duane C. Broadwell
43 W Main St
Friendship, NY 14739
(716) 973-7112

Gladeview Baptist Church

Joel Stroud
PO Box 500
Castile, NY 14427
(585) 493-2528

Grace Baptist Church

Dickson Beam
120 Park Ave.
Medina, NY 14103
(585) 798-3096

Grace Bible Baptist Church

Michael Martin
2150 Main St 586
Stanley, NY 14561
(716) 526-6023

Henrietta Regular Baptist Church

Jim Saunders
1125 Calkins Rd
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 427-8668

Liberty Bible Baptist Church

Daniel F. Mager
650 N. Landing Rd.
Rochester, NY 14625
(585) 248-2732

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Russell W. Biber
3113 Main Street P.O. Box 4
Yorkshire, NY 14173
(716) 492-5401

Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church

James Gugino
1049 Winton Rd N
Rochester, NY 14609
(716) 288-3243

Pike Baptist Church

Marvin Holmes
72 Main St P.O. Box 192
Pike, NY 14130
(716) 493-3362

Southeast Bible Baptist Church

Zackary Dressner
1850 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road
Penfield, NY 14526
(585) 388-0850

Valley Hill Baptist Church

4195 Route 5 And 20
Canandaigua, NY 14424
(716) 394-8730

Victory Baptist Church

Joseph Burress
32 Wildbriar Road
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 334-8524

Victory Baptist Church

Paul Burress
32 Wildbriar Rd.
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 334-8524

Victory In The City Baptist Church

Ronald Morse
1318 Culver Rd
Rochester, NY 14609
(716) 224-8482

Walker Bible Baptist Church

Jim J. Kopaczewski
1425 Walker Lake Ontario Rd
Hilton, NY 14468
(585) 964-3470

West Clarksville Baptist Church

Leslie Chambers
PO Box 56
West Clarksville, NY 14786
(716) 968-4258