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French Republic


Independent Baptist Friends

FRANCE French Republic

Capital Paris
Largest City Marseille, Provence-A...
Land Area 211,209 mi2


  • Total 64,800,000
  • Density 307.0 people/mi2
  • Growth 0.537% per year
  • Children 18.58%
  • Adult 65.03%
  • Elderly 16.39%

Bordering Countries
Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland

* Statistics by Wolfram|Alpha. "Christianity" is used in the statistical sense and includes Catholics, Protestants, and true Christians.

Listing in France

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France, officially the French Republic, is a state in Western Europe with several overseas territories and islands located on other continents and in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. It is often referred to as l’Hexagone ("The Hexagon") because of the geometric shape of its territory. It is bordered (clockwise starting from the northeast) by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco; with Spain and Andorra to the south. France is linked to the United Kingdom by the Channel Tunnel, which passes underneath the English Channel. In addition to these borders on the European continent France has land borders with Suriname and Brazil through French Guiana, as well as with the Netherlands through the Collectivity of Saint Martin. It is the largest west-European country and it possesses the second-largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world, covering 4,260,000 miles, just behind that of the United States 4,383,000 miles.

Over the past 500 years, France has been a major power with strong cultural, economic, military and political influence in Europe and in the world. During the 17th and 18th centuries, France colonized great parts of North America and South Asia; during the 19th and early 20th centuries, France built the second largest empire of the time, including large portions of North, West and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and many Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

France is a unitary semi-presidential republic with its main ideals expressed in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The French Republic is defined as indivisible, secular, democratic and social by its constitution. France is one of the world's most developed countries and possesses the world's fifth largest and Europe's second largest economy by nominal GDP. France is the wealthiest European (and the world's 4th) nation in aggregate household wealth. France enjoys a high standard of living as well as a high public education level, and has also one of the world's highest life expectancies. France has been listed as the world's "best overall health care" provider by the World Health Organization. It is the most visited country in the world, receiving 82 million foreign tourists annually.

France has the world's fourth largest nominal military budget, the third largest military in NATO and EU's largest army. France also possesses the third largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world - with 300 active warheads as of 25 May 2010- and the world's second largest diplomatic corps (only second to the one of the United States).

France is a founding member of the United Nations, one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, and a member of the Francophonie, the G8, G20, NATO, OECD, WTO, and the Latin Union. It is also a founding and leading member state of the European Union and the largest one by area. In 2007, France was listed 14th on the Human Development Index and 24th on the Corruption Perceptions Index.

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Results of Search

Displaying 1-12 of 12 listings in France


Eglise Baptiste de Lille

Greg Sirmons
44 rue du Faubourg de Bethune
59000 Lille, France
(061) 698-4392


Eglise Baptiste de Somain

Olivier Bourrel
40 rue Pastuer
59490 Somain, France
(358) 741-0264


Eglise Baptiste Minimes

Vincent Bourrel
148 avenues des Minimes
31200 Toulouse, France


Eglise Biblique Baptiste

Pete (Pierre) Knickerbocker
39 rue de la Borde
St Jean de Braye, France 45800


Eglise Biblique Baptiste

Kim Fox
2 bis, rue Blanqui
76140 Petit Quevilly, France
(023) 282-0550


Eglise Biblique Baptiste

Bill Hansen
4 bis rue de l'Union
78600 Maison Lafitte, France
(313) 912-4274


Eglise Biblique Baptiste d'escane...

Tim Knickerbocker
Route du Fousseret
Escanecrabe, France 31350
(356) 188-7003


Eglise Biblique Baptiste de Limoge

Matthieu Desilles
8 rue Emile Zola
87100 Limoges, France
(358) 741-0264


Eglise Evangelique d'Arles

Adrien Frere
17 Rue Vincent
Lotissement, France 13100 Tascaron

Missionary to France

Gillas Salies
N/A, France
(395) 302-7647

Temple Evangelique Baptiste

Steve Barnes
27-29 Villa des Joncherolles
93200, France
(014) 823-1170